Branford Folk Music Society (BFMS) – Sponsors the Branford Folk Coffeehouse, a monthly folk music concert series, September through May, at the First Congregational Church, on the green in Branford, Connecticut.

The Colonial Dancing Master – The Hendrickson Group publishes dances and tunes from the second half of the 18th century, concentrating on the Revolutionary War years.

Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) – Through its resources and programs, CDSS celebrates and preserves traditional English and Anglo-American dance, music and song; promotes their new expression; connects people who enjoy them; and supports communities where they can continue to thrive.

David Millstone Dance – David is a treasure of skill and information about traditional social dance. His monthly dance since 1980 has been with the band Northern Spy in Norwich, Vermont. He has also created a number of wonderful videos of key people from the traditional dance world, as well as coordinating the Square Dance History Project, a major initiative that is building a digital library —moving images, audio clips, photographs, and text — exploring all different styles, past and present, of square dance.

DeLancey’s Brigade, 1st Battalion – DeLancey’s Brigade fields a military battalion at various living history demonstrations and battle reenactments throughout the Northeast. (They also have some good dancers!)

J.P. Ryan – Fine patterns for both “Ladies and Gentlemen for all manner of Clothing and Accessories” – 18th century clothing patterns.

Lloyd Shaw Foundation – Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and teaching of the folk dances of America. Their sales department has a nice selection of  books and recordings for musicians and community dance leaders.

Marian Rose – Marian Rose, a musician, dance educator and writer based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada has created the Community Dance Project as a tool to preserve and rejuvenate the ritual of community family dancing together with the vibrant musical traditions that go along with it.

National Folk Organization (NFO) – The National Folk Organization was formed in 1986 to preserve, promote and provide opportunities in the folk arts.

New England Dancing Masters – Produces books and recordings of traditional social dances and singing games from North America and the British Isles that are specifically geared to dancers of diverse ages and abilities.