Traditional Dance

Traditional dance includes a variety of types of social dance: barn dance, ceilidh, community dance, square dance, English country dance, International folk dance, just to name a few. It is an engaging and lively social activity, especially with the sparkling music of bands like The Reel Thing.

Grand Right and Left figure at a traditional dance workshopIn an age of increasing isolation and solitary activities, traditional dance continues to bring people together the way it has done for generations. It is part of the weave of the fabric of community life.

In traditional dance, the caller does a “walk-through” for each dance and then continues to prompt it as long as needed. That takes away the stress of trying to remember specific dance steps or what to do next. The synergy among the caller, the dancers, and the music is magical. The caller leads the dancers into a relationship with the music, a highly enjoyable experience for all.